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Big, Bold and Balance Exercise DVD

Strength & Balance in 36 Seconds

Strength & Balance Falls prevention exercise classes

Generation Games At Home DVD

1 Introduction

Welcome to Generation Games: At home. This DVD will lead you through a simple 30 minute exercise programme. Whether you want to exercise in a chair or do something more vigorous, this DVD has been designed for you.

2 Information about the DVD

Generation Games: At home is a simple exercise DVD designed with older people in mind. Doing these gentle exercises will improve your cardiovascular (heart and lungs) fitness, your muscular strength and your balance. Generation Games: At Home is suitable for everyone, whatever your ability or fitness level.

These exercises are based on the seated and standing exercise classes which run across Oxfordshire every day. They have been carefully selected because people find them easy, fun and beneficial.

3 Information about exercise

Most people know that exercise is good for you, but not everyone knows just how good it is. Did you know that regular exercise can reduce your risk of having a heart attack by 40% and your risk of getting cancer by 25%? Did you also know that it will reduce your risk of dementia, diabetes and falling, as well as improving conditions like arthritis?

Apart from the huge health benefits, exercise will help you feel better mentally too.

There are very few medical problems which make exercise unadvisable, but if you are concerned about this, please talk to your GP or explore the Generation Games website.

If you can, try to do around 30 minutes of exercise each day. It doesn't matter what you do: walking, dancing, gardening, cycling, or the kind of home exercises shown in this DVD. Anything that makes you feel warm and slightly out of puff is perfect.